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Please note that this website is still under construction. We hope to eventually create a platform where parents of home schooled children can access relevant information and supporting materials to enhance their child's educational experience. 

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My Story

Hi, this is Ladan Universall.  

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who is passionate about bringing the communities together. 

Now more than ever, parents, education facilitators are looking for new ways to effectively teach children. From teachers to politicians, debates are ongoing about how to best train up the next generation. Many new and innovative ways of delivering education have been discussed and have been developed but one philosophy still remains. Holistic education that is rooted in experiential learning. 

Holistic education that taps into the expertise and the professionalism of the community, places much emphasis on the relationships that people create with each other.  These relationships form the core of the educational environment.

Holistic education is considered a form of alternative learning because of its emphasis on creating a different learning environment from what is typically practiced in classrooms. 

When I look back at my own schooling, I can not remember what was taught to me.  I attended school every day, I attempted completing my homework each time, but all I learnt was to be told what to do.  I had no opinions to share with others, neither did i feel that my voice was to be heard. 

What I was trained and qualified to do did not bring me any joy so I decided to take charge and re educate myself as an adult.  

Life is too precious to waste.  Everyday that is wasted, can not be regained!

As adults, as parents, as educators, as politicians, we must place emphasis on the whole aspect of the child instead of focusing only on specific part of the human experience, mainly academia. 

Therefore, I aim to establish a platform that enhances children's learning experiences so that the children not only learn about the stars and the cosmos but they also learn about the stars and cosmos within them. My passion is to provide a bridge where every child sees that the entire universe is a learning zone and that every adult understands that learning never ends. 

Let us all enjoy life to the fullest and make learning exciting once again!


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities and ideas. Let's connect.

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