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From our Parents

Parents and Child

"I have two boys aged 8 and 10 who participate at various community activities 

They are loving it. 

The learning is fun and practical. They love being outside, being with the other kids, making and doing. 

Every day they build on what they have learned and more importantly, experienced so that their knowledge and confidence grows.

They are learning vital life skills and not just how to pass exams.." 

"I second that. We were really nervous about taking our 12 year old daughter out of school, wondering if it was the right decision. We are so pleased we decided to go for it. 

Our daughter is so much happier and I have never seen her more enthusiastic about learning.

All the facilitators are lovely." 

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"I just wanted to let home school parents whom are thinking of joining this initiative of how well it's going from my opinion. My son is 13 and he is really enjoying learning new skills and being outdoors. He has become more enthusiastic and a lot happier than being stuck inside a classroom all day. 

I attended a session today at the allotment for the first time and loved being with the children helping if needed. I have learnt so much in just a few hours of being there and everyone who delivers different programs are great. Respect to you all and thank you for today. 


"My boy who is 7 has attended community programs for nearly 3 weeks now. I cannot speak highly enough of  all the programs that we took part in. The teaching techniques are miles beyond anything from a standard school. 

My boy's confidence has soared in this environment and he has made good friends as well. He is learning valuable life skills and being outdoors is great for his confidence. 

His behaviour at home has also improved. 

We are so excited to be part of this new adventure, we wish we could have started him sooner."

Potato Sack Race
Planting a Tree
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