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Welcome to Universall Kidz

Where Real Experiential Learning Takes Place

Joining The Dots for Homeschool Children

To Enjoy Holistic Alternative Education 

Founded by Ladan Universall

Kids for Peace

When Holistic Education is rooted in experiential learning and focuses on the interest of every child, every child is able to take the lead in their own learning. Child Led learning takes charge and stimulates not only the child's intellect but also harnesses their creativity and nurtures their spirit.

Universall Kidz' approach to alternative education is a freedom to learn, freedom to have a voice and freedom to make choices.  It seeks to: 

Nurture the whole child- head hand and heart, builds positive relationships, encourages independent learning, fosters creativity, awakens the child's strengths, gives young people a voice, uphold children's rights, enhances education and taps into the strength and the skills of the community to create a fairer and more sustainable world.  

"The world is undergoing revolutionary changes. We need a revolution in education too." 
Ken Robinson, Author of Creative Schools
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Universallkidz is an innovative approach to supporting parents who are home schooling to bring out the best in their children through alternative way of both teaching and learning where the parents are fully involved in their child's learning. 

Looking at the whole student and their life experiences and where their passion lies, learning opportunities within the community are explored and provided. 

The student takes more responsibility for their own learning in holistic education. 

Supporters say holistic education rejects rote learning and helps the student build critical thinking and teamwork skills while developing greater self-confidence.  

Universallkidz is a bridge between families and the local community. Tapping into the skills and the gifts of the community, children participate in various activities based on their interests and their passion.  

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About Us


"It is not education, but education of a certain kind that will save us. 

The current model of western, urban-centred, school-based education, which is so often more focused on turning Children into efficient corporate units rather than curious and open-minded adults will only lead us further down the wrong path." 

Professor David Orr- Author of Earth in Mind

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"My boy who is 7 has attended community initiatives suggested by Universallkidz  for nearly 3 weeks now. I cannot speak highly enough of all the wonderful sessions that my child is experiencing. The teaching techniques are miles beyond anything from a standard school. 

My boy's confidence has soared in this environment and he has made good friends as well. He is learning valuable life skills and being outdoors is great for his confidence. 

His behaviour at home has also improved. 

We are so excited to be part of this new adventure, we wish we could have started him sooner".


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